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We build, invent, make, and innovate technologies through our software and controls knowledge while providing tech services to our business clients.

Latest News and Updates

Here are some news and updates from us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting from March 16, 2020 until further notice, while defending people against Covid19 during the many phases of Malaysia Movement Constraint Order, we will carry on our business executions primarily via ONLINE AND REMOTE ONLY and minimal face-to-face minimal services. Our business hours are as usual.

Notice of Business Executions - Malaysia Emergency Lockdown Week 5

DATE: March 30, 2020

Business Notice

We wish to inform you that ZORA team will reduce our business executions continues to be effective from April 20, 2020 to April 24, 2020 to the following protocols:

  1. STRICTLY ONLINE, REMOTE ONLY, and NON FACE-TO-FACE communications and transactions services
  2. All on-site executions will be put ON-HOLD until the lockdown is over.
  3. All non face-to-face joint-venture software R&D executions will continue with our remote technologies until the project hitting any requirements needing face-to-face meet up. If such milestone is hit, protocol #2 is effective immediately.

This is to comply with the emergency lockdown announced by Malaysia's Prime Minister on 10pm, March 16, 2020 for combating Covid19 spread in the country.

ZORALab wishes everyone to stay safe, stay alert, stay healthy, stay away from fake news and only trust information from official organization such as WHO, and take care the elders (beyond aged 50 group).

Fair winds and following sea.

Launching Godocgen

DATE: April 17, 2020


We wish to inform you that ZORA team is now launching a new open-source product: Godocgen! This product allows Gophers, Go programmers, to generate Go modules’ documentations easily for third-party hosting.

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Exploring Our Site

Our ZORALab Enterprise website not only hosts our company profiles but also serves as many publication functions. It acts as our primary communication function to public and our clients.

About Us

We are a software tech team primarily serving:

  1. develop software products for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  2. help enterprise develop custom computing software to process data.
  3. empowers startup to use commercial-grade technologies at a lower cost.
  4. provides ad-hocs system administrations services.
  5. path-finding research and development related to computing technologies.
  6. provides data harvesting, analysis, and presentation.
  7. provides technical analysis.

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Knowledge Base

Occasionally, we do publish our technological guides and articles mainly for the benefit of our clients. However, we do open them to all whenever it is applicable.

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