Welcome to ZORALab Enterprise

We build, invent, make, and innovate technologies through our software and controls knowledge while providing tech services to our business clients.

Why Us - Focuses on Stability over Speed

Focusing on stability over speed for all our products and services

Why Us - Highly Automated and Continuously Improved

Highly Automated and Continuously Improved for quality assurances

Why Us - Commerical friendly and Open Source

Commercial Friendly and Open Source Licenses for everyone

Why Us - Commerical friendly and Open Source

Always Documented and Revised for standardization.

Various Software Products

We produce and maintain various software products from time-to-time. Among the key products are:

ZORALab Product - BaSHELL


Portable Bash Script Unit Testing Tool designed specifically for BASH and Shell script.

ZORALab Product - Bissetii


Hugo Theme and Go Theme Module for rapid prototyping UI across Hugo or Go Programming Language.

ZORALab Product - Cerigo


Unit Tested Go toolkit library for rapid prototyping system development using Go Programming Language.

ZORALab Product - Devora


Detachable Bootable USB-Stick System for booting fully encrypted Linux OS.

ZORALab Product - Fennec


Continous Integration Toolbox for quick semi-automation on GitLab CI platform.

ZORALab Product - Godocgen


Generate Go documentation using independent hosting solution for Go Programming Language.

ZORALab Product - Granatum


Easily Build Minimal and Working Debian OS for various deployments and platforms.

Our Services

Additionally, we offer the following services for solve small and medium enterprise IT infrastructure problems

ZORALab Product - Shepherd

Integra Program

IT Technology Integration Program designed for deploying customer-end interfaces fast and profressionally.

Starting MYR1400.00

ZORALab Product - Shepherd

Shepherd Program

Monthly Monitoring Program designed specifically for continuous tech supports and preventive measures.

Starting MYR320.00


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