ZORA Team is not an one person team but rather a large collaboration between many companies and individuals. ZORA Team engages them to ensure various projects are made possible and in a successful manner.

How We Evaluate

ZORALab never forge alliances without evaluation, not at least without multiple business engagements and validations. When working as an ally, we trust each others words by words, letter by letter.

Comply to Our Principles

Any ZORALab’s products, technologies, processes, practices and services must comply to our Principles when delivering the values to our customers on behalf.

Profressional Disputes Handling

All of our alliances had been through some kinds of conflicts management with ZORALab in the past. The types of values we evaluate includes:

  1. Handling disputes with objective and customer oriented professionalism.
  2. Professionalism in handling disputes between ZORALab and allies.
  3. Able to filter emotional elements from business objectives and stayed on course.
  4. Dare to voice out.
  5. Managing grudges in post issues’ handling.

Trustworthy in Monetary Management

When it comes to monetary values, it can either nourish or break relationship. At ZORALab, we expect our alliance to:

  1. Be strict and serious about monetary processes like payment rate and processes.
  2. Make monetary processes crisp and clear.
  3. Attitude in handling undocumented monetary processes (e.g. hold and return misplaced money back to owner fully).
  4. Compliance to financial legislation.
Kendo Khoo and Services

Alliance - Kendo Khoo and Services

Kendo Sales and Services (001310677-P), short for "Kendo" has been serving with us even before founding ZORALab Enterprise. They are known for their excellent hardware computing …