Joint Memberships

As a technology company, we are also a member of a few global organizations and movements. Only together, ZORALab then can produce better results and products to serve the world better. We are proud to be one of them and contribute back whenever we can.

Current Memberships

We are currently a member of the following organizations and group.

Debian Operating System

Debian Community

A network group for developing Debian package (.deb), contribute back to Debian operating system: the open-source Linux operating system.

Joint Date: 2018

LOT Network

LOT Network

A network group with the goal of eliminating patent trolls threats. They are now able to permanently immunize members from over 1,658,000 assets in the hands of a PAE (a.k.a patent trolls).

Joint Date: December 8, 2018

OIN Community


A community aimed to support its members on reducing patent risks for open source innovation. Each members signed the same corss-license Linux system to ensure it is royalty free within the community.

Joint Date: 2018 (Member 3261)