Our Principles

As we conduct our business with everyone, no matter big or small, we abide to our company principles. ZORALab has 6 simple and non-compromising principles in all of our conducts. They are arranged in a prioritization manner to ensure ZORA Team works toward the correct direction.

Relationship Comes First (人缘在先,方为其胜)

Without a good relationship, how can we understand our client’s problem? Make good bonds with people, and people will naturally talks business with you. Remember, we’re interested in building, not starting a war.

Trust is Earned

We’re no longer living in the world where we still needs refer’s words of mouth or sales pitch. Today is 21st Century, everyone has information so quick to his/her fingertip. Let’s do things by earning trusts through actions, not words.

  1. Do things that is verifiable between your receiver and you without any dependencies.
  2. Test the relationship before trusting.
  3. Never give out trust without testing and verified evidences.

When Emotional

  1. Cease all communications to pending delivery (e.g. only write your complete email up to draft level and not send).
  2. Go chill yourself up. If you need more time, take it. Never comes to a believe that time is urgent and send our your messages.
  3. Think from other party’s point-of-view and figure out why. If you need a big picture, spend the time to understand.
  4. Once you got the data, figure out a solution before opting for burning bridges way.
  5. If you really need to end the relationship, approach it appropriately. Use the lose-win tactics if you need. Remember, always leave the scene with a good value (e.g. lesson learning) and never look back.
  6. Revise/restart your communications again. You will find that there will be a lot of immaturity in your previous drafts. Have a laugh inside and ask, “what happened if I send this?”

Quality Before Quantity (精雕细刻,刻骨铭心)

After various experiences in our startup time, ZORALab focuses on quality before quantity in all our conducts. To achieve good relationship, always deliver quality output to solve the problem, to the letter. The level of confidences we’re looking at is daring enough to have our efforts delivered with written documents.

Only Decide What You Know

We live in a heavily integrated world. Hence, there are times where we are facing decision making that is outside one’s domain expertise. In those situation, it’s okay to:

  1. say “I don’t know” or “I can’t make this decision. It’s outside my domain expertise”.
  2. find a domain expert for gathering input.
  3. find another domain expert to cross-verify input to reduce risks.
  4. never the jump the gun which creates unnecessary works and monetary losses for all parties.

Zero Tolerance to Piracy

We are no longer living in 1990s or 2000s era. This is 21st century. Open-source software ecosystems has developed greatly to the point of commercial usage. There is no excuse not to use/learn a free (either/both “free beer” or/and “freedom to use”) solution over pirated commercial products. Therefore, from 2018 onward, ZORALab will have zero-tolerance with software piracy.

  1. If you’re committed into your business, be serious about purchasing your infrastructure.
  2. If you’re tight on capital, use open-source solution.
  3. No more in-between or any excuses for piracy.

If any ZORALab agent/alliances found engaging piracy for any ZORALab technologies, products, services, and processes that has monetary exchange, that agent/alliance will be:

  1. terminated in humiliation by public announcement immediately with no compensation.
  2. stored in our publicly accessible archive.
  3. has its association disavowed.

Be Objective and Adaptable (看风行事,事款则圆)

Although ZORALab emphasizes processes and document-able executions, there are situation where urgency and chaos appears. All agents and alliances, please adaptable and stay focus on the objectives.

Always In the Correct Direction

If you do not have an end-in-mind, don’t bother do it or talks about performance/speed/scaling/high volumes. It’s a waste of time and resources. Remember: it is okay to travel by country road than speeding on a highway to hell.

Simplicity (遇事不苟,简单就好)

In 21st Century, everything is heavily integrated, contributing to complexities reaching specialist demand. Let’s not make things overly complicated.

Solve the Problem First

To make sure you’re in the right direction, use your way to explore a solution that solves the problems first. With that, you have a prototype model and gained some experience. Now, based on the reference model, you then only considers building a proper, more quality and confident solution for your client.

Document-able Executions Are NOT Complicated

Any executions that is not document-able, configurable, and version-controllable are not business solutions. These are prototyping executions/maker’s solution. Focus on turning developing executions that is business-scalable.

Yes, it may takes some times but at least it is the right way to do things, and earn trusts from your stakeholders.

Love Your Team (上和下睦,待人有礼)

Client is important but your team does. Without them, we do not have the success we have today.

Prioritize The Swans Over Golden Eggs

Between golden eggs and the swans that lay them, prioritize the latter. All agents, it’s okay to reject unreasonable clients that will burn your entire team just to fulfill their requirements. It’s okay to lose some eggs than losing those swans.

Be Proud of Who You Are (路在人走,事在人为)

To all ZORALab agents and alliances, do things proudly. You have achieved certain quality where trusts are placed in you, focus on serving and stay away from things that will shame you. Stay on these 6 principles, you will find a greater life in this digital age.

Dare to Voice Out

When you encounter abnormalities, voice it out with no hiding. Give warning if it’s harsh. Remember, we all hate icing coated stuff that makes life and work complicated. To inspire changes, dare to voice it out and exchange point-of-views. Choose a decision where there is a win-win scenarios.