About Us

So what is ZORALab? Who are we actually? This section will introduce you to the ZORA team.

A Passionate Software Tech Team

In short: we are a software tech team. Our primary objectives are to:

  1. develop software products for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  2. help enterprise develop custom computing software to process data.
  3. empowers startup to use commercial-grade technologies at a lower cost.
  4. provides ad-hocs system administrations services.
  5. path-finding research and development related to computing technologies.
  6. provides data harvesting, analysis, and presentation.
  7. provides technical analysis.

Our Mantra

Through Knowledge, We Serve

We strongly believe that our world has entered into a new era: knowledge-driven economy. We had seen enough cases where people are being abused when it comes to knowledge, information, and data domains. Today, with the potentials from the Internet, we want to serve people and help those in need via our knowledge management. Hence, through knowledge, we serve.

“Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho, 2017

Our Brief History

So here's our story from the start…

The Start

The journey started off from 2015. We were a group of freelancers wondering around the years exploring things out. We tested a bunch of hypothesis and development markets. Over a year, we attracted to people coming in and out for our services.

Trigger Point

It was until one day, in September 2017, one of us asked:

Why not we build a tech company? Let the problems come to us and we learn, understand, empathize, embrace, build, and solve the problems for our client?

It was this question that ZORALab established its company, the ZORALab Enterprise.

Finding Meaning

As we visualize ourselves to be the first light that reaches the blue sky, we set off searching for our company name. From the Japanese, we found 青空 (あおぞら), also pronounced as rendaku, which simply means azure sky. Coincidentally, the same wording “ZORA”, in Arabic and Slavic languages, means the dawn, the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Hence, we decided to choose ZORA as our brand name, taking the “Z” as our emphasis.

We also took the word “Lab” as the meaning of continuous learning and growth.

Only then, the final version: ZORALab is found.

ZORALab Logo