Kendo Khoo and Services

Kendo Sales and Services (001310677-P), short for “Kendo” has been serving with us even before founding ZORALab Enterprise. They are known for their excellent hardware computing services and module customization.

ZORALab allied with Kendo for most the our computing hardware purchases and needs. If you are facing with your computer problem, feel free to contact them for assistance.

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Recognized Since1994
ByAgent Holloway
StatusIn Service

Products and Services

Kendo provides hardware and operating system computing services to their customers, not limited to purchases, maintenance, and treating accidental damages. Among the services they have:

  1. Custom computer assembly for PC desktop
  2. Latop and Ultrabooks
  3. Computer accessories (e.g. USB drive, keyboard, power regulator, UPS, etc.)
  4. PC and Laptop hardware maintenance services (e.g. dust and clean-up)

Payment Policy Between ZORALab and Kendo

Unless otherwise specified, ZORALab usually guides you to deal with vendor directly for all Kendo related sales and services. If there is any financial transaction between ZORALab & Kendo, we will handle at our side.

Long story short, you only need to interface one side.


Kendo has a number of ways to contact them. We would suggest you give them a call before making your next move.

Phone Calls

Their phone contact is available at:

  1. Mobile: +6013-305-8001 (KHOO)
  2. Landline: +603-7805-5730


Their email is available at: [email protected]


They are physically located in:

  1. Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor), Malaysia