May 26, 2019 - We Are Part of LOT Network

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Published DateSunday, May 26, 2019 GMT +0800
Reported By“Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho

Back in the time when ZORALab is still a startup, we were a bit worried about getting legal cease-and-desist due to some random patentship violation. While it impedes our freedom to develop or maintain new technologies, things as such really can kill us back in the days when we were offering our development services. Hence, we began to research and look up for any possible protection solutions in the market.

Randomly Met LOT Network in a Shopping Centre

As my team and I were researching in a shopping centre (while doing some shopping), we randomly bumped into an article about a firm combating patents assertion entity (also known as PAE or “patents troll”). Their lessons learnt was there startup should join organizations such as LOT Network and Open Invention Network. With nothing to lose, we decided to join both of the networks.

How did we met both networks while shopping in a brick-and-mortar shopping centre? It's kind of complicated. To put it simple, it is a kind of word-of-mouth.

LOT Network Banner

Accepted as LOT Network Member

On May 26, 2019, we received an email about our application got accepted by LOT team. They dated our membership date back to December 8, 2018. We were so happy and delighted to be one of the members. Knowing that LOT Network is a crucial key to protect against PAE, we can now safely proceed to perform technological research and inventions.

To find out our relationship with LOT Network or any other networks, feel free to check them out at our memberships page:

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