Compress Files Using 7Zip

Using 7Zip to compress a list of files into a single compressed bundle is quite a straight-forward job. In this guide, we will review the step-by-step guide to achieve such goal.

Organize Into Single Directory

Firstly, you need to create a directory and pack all your contents into it. Organize them properly if needed.


Add to 7Zip Archive

Then, right-click on the directory and look for 7Zip options. To keep things simple, use “Add to archive.


Fills in Configurations

7Zip now presents a configuration menu. To keep things simple, you should focus on:

  1. Archive format: either zip (recommended) or tar.
  2. Encryption Password & Re-enter Password: if you want encryption.
  3. Encryption Method: strictly AES-256

Once done, press OK.


Check Your Output

Once done, you will get a zipped file right next to your prepared directory. You may try to open it on your side before distributing it.