Dropbox Business

Dropbox and Dropbox Business are both well-known file sharing and synchonization services offered by Dropbox Inc. Hence, it is quite common to see people are using it for remote work and team-based synchonization.

These user guides were created to provide better user experience and self-service supports for all ZORALab customers where we introduce them Dropbox technologies.

Dropbox Business User Guides

This section covers the user guides for Dropbox Business. You should read these when you:

Step 1: Setup Dropbox Account Online

The very first thing to do is to setup your Dropbox account online. These are the guides available based on Dropbox Business approach.

  1. By Email Invitation

Step 2: Setup Dropbox Desktop Client

The next thing to do is to setup Dropbox Desktop Client into your computer’s operating system. Currently, we have the following guides:

  1. Windows 10

Step 3: How-tos

Lastly, this is about learning how-tos use it.

  1. Using Smart-Sync and Online-Only Mode