Setup Dropbox Desktop Client in Windows 10

Once you have your Dropbox account created online, you can now setup the desktop client on your PC or laptop. This section guides you on how to setup Dropbox desktop client in your Windows 10 operating system.

Download Dropbox Desktop Client

Dropbox provides 2 types of installer: network and full installer. To keep matter simple, ZORALab recommends download the full installer straight away and install it.

Downlaod Dropbox Full Installer

Download Dropbox Full Installer for Windows 10

Installing Dropbox in Windows 10

Login To Your Account

Once done, you will be prompted to login. You can proceed with your online credentials. If 2FA is enabled, you are required to fill in the 6-digits code that you have either via SMS or authenticator app.

Login Windows 10 Dropbox Desktop Client

Setup Synchronization

The next step to setup the synchonization. At this point, if your Dropbox Business admin already setup for you, it’s best not to change it. Otherwise, if the size is very large (e.g. more than 5GB), using Online only is highly recommended.

Configure Sync Pattern

Completed Setup

Once done, you should be notified that Dropbox configurations are done.

Completed Setup

Verify Synchonization

You can now open your file explorer. By now, you should see that there your Dropbox is now synchonizing with the server.

Verify Synchonization