Sign Up Dropbox Business Team Member

Got invitation from a Dropbox Business Team and unsure what to do? This section guides you on how to sign up as a Dropbox Business Team members.

Start from Email Invites and Online Setup

Normally, a Dropbox Business Team administrator will send an email invite. There is a Join Your Team button below. Click on it.

email invitation to join Dropbox Business Team

Create Team Member Account

Upon pressing the button, you will be presented with Dropbox Business Team Member sign-up page. Unlike conventional Dropbox account, this is a different group account. Please proceed to sign-up with proper credentials (this is for work, not personal).

sign up Dropbox Business Team

Setup 2FA/2SA (Second Factor/Step Authentication)

Depending of team, most teams will set 2FA/2SA security configurations by default. If you’re not prompted to do so, you can skip this entire section. Otherwise, proceed to press Continue as proposed.

setup 2FA

Re-authenticate for identity confirmation

Dropbox Business will request password input just to confirm your identity as You is You, you may proceed to fill in your password.

reconfirm identity via password

Choose your 2FA Options

Dropbox has various ways of doing 2FA/2SA security authentications. However, the 2 common ways are:

  1. by SMS (does not require any app but need to wait for sms arrival)
  2. by Authenticator (requires mobile app like Google/Lastpass Authenticator)

You may choose your options and setup according to their respective instructions.

choosing 2FA types

Completed Sign-Up Process

Once you had landed to a welcome dashboard page, your sign-up is completed. You might want to move on setting up Dropbox client in this section:

Setup Dropbox Client in Windows 10

Welcome dashboard