Enable Auto-Reply on Roundcube

For enabling auto-reply on Roundcube, you can enable it via its web interface. This section guides you on how to enable auto-reply on Roundcube.

Open Autoresponders Page

The first thing to do is to open your Autoresponders page. To do that:

  1. Select your username at the top right of the header bar for options.
  2. Select Autoresponders.

open autoresponder

Add/Modify Autoresponder

Depending on your past experience, you may get either Add Autoresponder or select Edit from your existing autoresponder. You can make either of your choice.

add autoresponder

edit autoresponder

Configure Responder Body

Now that you have an autoresponder to work with, it’s time to edit its content. You can:

  1. For Character Set, select utf-8.
  2. For Interval, keep it to the minimum.
  3. For Email, use your email address.
  4. For From, use the same email address from step 3.
  5. For Subject, you can name it accordingly to the auto-reply.
  6. For This message contains HTML, check it. Otherwise, you only have text-only body.
  7. For Body, you may construct the auto-reply contents.
  8. For Start, setup the start date for auto-replying.
  9. For Stop, setup the end date for the auto-replying.
  10. Select Create/Modify once you’re done.

configure autoresponder contents

Confirm Existence

Once you see your autoresponder is available in Current Autoresponders, you’re done with the process. You can have your colleague to try it out.

confirm existence