Signal Voice or Video Call

Signal Messenger allows you to make video call or voice call via Internet instead of mobile phone line securely through end-to-end encryption. The server does not track your phone call. This section guides you through on how to make call via Signal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: making Signal voice and video calls uses mobile data. Hence, be sure you’re connected to WIFI Internet if you’re on mobile data quota.

NOTE: at this point in time, Signal Desktop does not support call functions.

Calling Individual Correspondent

The call buttons are available alongside the name tag. The video recorder indicates the video call while the handle indicates the voice call.

Pressing either of the button will immediately call your respondent. For both, you will need to grant your microphone permission. Additionally, for video call, you will need your camera permission.

calling correspondent

Calling Group Correspondents

Group call is currently unavailable as it is under development. For more information, visit: