Setup Signal Desktop

Signal actually has computer-based (Desktop/Laptop) client to interface or message easily without using your phone. This section guides you on how to setup desktop client and how to link it with your mobile phone.

Download Signal Desktop

The application for downloading the Desktop client is available at: Please download and then install it according to your operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac, and Linux).

download signal desktop

Launch Signal Desktop

Once done, you may launch your Desktop Signal. This will produce a QR Code interface ready to link with your Signal Messenger on your mobile phone.

signal desktop ready to link

Linking Mobile-to-Desktop

With both mobile and desktop ready for linking, you should now link them together.

Open Settings on Mobile

Head to your mobile’s Signal Messenger and open the hamburger to the top right. Select Settings.

signal mobile open settings

Set Linked Devices

Now select the Linked Devices option.

signal mobile open settings

Inside the list, you can select “+” button to add a link device.

signal add link device

A scanner will appear to scan the QR Code presented on Signal Desktop. You will need to grant camera permission in order to make things work.

signal scan device QR code

Name Linked Signal Desktop

If everything is done correctly, your Signal Desktop will prompt you to name itself. You should name it in a way that you can recognize it via your mobile’s Signal Messenger, not the other way round.

signal desktop naming

Sync and Ready to Use

Once done, your desktop Signal will sync with your phone’s Signal Messenger for contacts and groups. Messages will not be sync for security reason as Signal Desktop is behaving as an independent terminal.

However, if both Signal Desktop and Signal Messenger are connected prior the arrival of the message, both Signal Desktop and Signal Messenger will receive a copy of it.

signal desktop sync