Setup Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger is a mobile-driven application driven for open-source end-to-end encrypted messaging and data transmission. This section guides you on how to setup Signal Messenger on the mobile phone.

Download from Play Store / App Store

Since Signal is a mobile application. Hence, the first thing to do is to download it from your Play Store or App Store.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Granting Phone Permissions

On first opening without sign-up, you’re prompted with phone permissions granting to Signal application. You can grant the following known permissions:

  1. Phone calls (Signal does support end-to-end encryption data call)
  2. Contact list (Signal populate all Signal users from your contact list)
  3. Local storage (Signal allows you to transfer files between devices)
  4. Read SMS (Signal needs that to automate the phone number verification, also facilitates SMS management if you want)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Signal needs your contact list to ensure the message received is from someone you know. Otherwise, it will reject all stranger’s messages by default.

Signal Permission

Phone Number Verification

The next step is to verify your phone number. You may proceed to setup your phone number aligning to sim card (sim-binding). The usual process would be the 6-digits one-time verification sent via SMS.

Signal Phone Verification

Set Profile Name and Picture

Since we are using Signal Messenger for work, you should place your work photo and actual name into your profile info.

Signal Profile Setup


Once you reaches the main menu, you’re done with basic settings. Signal does offer SMS management service which is entirely optional for you.

Before enabling, you should consider all these points after enabling:

  1. If your receiver is a non-Signal user, the message will be sent via sms in an encrypted manner.
    1. SMS rate will be charged.

Signal Enable SMS

Setup Advanced Security Settings

Now, let’s go to the settings. It is available at the hamburger menu at the top right.

signal mobile open settings

Select Privacy Settings

Once inside, select the privacy settings.

Set Privacy Settings

Set All Necessary Security Settings

Once inside, you should set all the necessary security settings. These are the recommended setup. Once done, your Signal is ready.

  1. Screen Lock - Activate to ensure the Signal is locked and always. It allows fingerprint for supported phone.
  2. Screen Lock Inactivity Timeout - Automatic lock Signal when left idle. 1 minute is a good timing.
  3. Screen Security - Check if you want to prevent anyone else from screenshot (e.g. son/daughter accidentally screenshot inside Signal).
  4. Incognito Keyboard - Activate to disable tracking.
  5. Always relay calls - Turn on to hide your IP from contact.
  6. Read Receipts - Enable to ensure you check the message status (received & read).
  7. Send Link Previews - Enable to preview Link.
  8. Allow From Anyone - Disable to prevent any stranger Signal messaging you.
  9. Registration Lock Pin - Ensure no one else uses your Signal.

Set Advanced Security