Connecting SSHFS from Windows 10

With SSHFS, you can mount any SSH-ready host machine as a share driver securely via SSH communications. This ensures the communications is private and confidential between you and the host machine and not others. This section guides you through on how to establish a connection with the host server.

Getting the Server Information

As a start, you need to collect the necessary information from your host server’s administrator. These information MUST be made available:

  1. Your SSH Username (e.g. johnsmith)
  2. Your SSH Password (e.g. rhsrtu3#$%23hgahs)
  3. SSH Compliant Server’s Domain Name or IP with Pathing (e.g. \\[email protected], \\[email protected], \\[email protected]/share, \\[email protected]/share)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your administrator requested you to reset your SSH Password before use, you should do it as per say. This is because the administrator still can access your account with the given password.

Connecting Host

With the information ready for use, it’s to connect it.

Open Fire Explorer and Map a Network Drive.

As a start:

  1. Open a File Explorer.
  2. Right-click on This PC.
  3. Select Map network drive.


Setup Share Drive

Once the wizard is opened, you will setup the share drive with the given information. You can do the following:

  1. Select a drive alphabet label (If you do not have any idea, start from the last like Z, Y, X, …).
  2. Enter the given share drive.
  3. Check “Reconnect at sign-in”.
  4. Select “Finish”.

The system will connect to the host server right after that.


Authenticate SSH Access

When connected, SSHFS will prompt the authentication credentials for you to fill in. You should do it in sequence:

  1. Fill in your SSH password.
  2. Check Remember Me. (Otherwise, you need to login with your password every single time).
  3. Press OK when done.


Check Your Drive

If everything is successful, your share drive is now mapped against the drive label.