Thunderbird User Guides


Thunderbird is our trusted email client for those who wants to send/receive emails in the PC. It has proven numerous times for collaborating with security software like Anti-virus available in the market, protecting all our Windows customers.

Unlike Microsoft Outlook which requires you to purchase up-to-date Microsoft Office suite or Microsoft 360, Thunderbird is straight out free, as in:

  1. free beer
  2. freedom of speech

The source codes are freely available ( for auditing and customization.

Another good reason is that Thunderbird is also available in Linux in which you can use it easily without adding additional learning curve. Thunderbird also roll out automatic updates as well.

The only downside about Thunderbird is too many configurations which sometimes overwhelmed non-technical individuals. However, it’s a free product so it’s worth the learning.

In this user guides, we reviewed all the processes for using and configuring Thunderbird in a standard and scalable practice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ZORALab in fact, encourages the use of web-mail over local email-client for a lot of good reason.

However, there are requirements needed to have a local system so we prepared the Thunderbird for them.

These user guides and processes were created with the goal of serving our ZORALab customers a better user experience and facilitating a self-service portal.


This section covers all user guides for installing Thunderbird.

  1. Install into Linux
  2. Install into Windows 10


  1. Post Installation Configurations


This section covers all essential configurations such as add or remove email accounts, address book, calendar, and autoreplies.

Adding/Creating Items

  1. Address Book
  2. Auto-Reply
  3. Calendar
  4. Email Account
  5. Signature File

Removing Items

  1. Address Book
  2. Auto-Reply
  3. Calendar
  4. Email Account
  5. Signature Dash Separator
  6. Signature File

Configure Items

  1. Setting Fonts
  2. Setting Printing Format
  3. Styling Interface
  4. Use Signature File


This section covers the removal of Thunderbird.

  1. Uninstall from Windows 10