Configure Thunderbird to Use Signature File

Thunderbird allows you to append signature using the created signature file. This section guides you on how to set an account to use signature file as its signature source.

NOTE: If you already done this, skip this section.

Open Account Settings

The first thing to do is to open the account settings:

  1. open Tools.
  2. open Account Settings.

open account settings

Configure Account to Use Signature File

Next, you need to:

  1. Select your email account.
  2. At the Signature Text, check Attach the signature from a file instead (text, HTML or image).
  3. Select Choose and find your signature file.
  4. Before pressing OK, please check do you need the next section.

configure computer use signature file

Once done, you can test sending your signature.

NOTE: it’s okay to have a double dash separators. That needs special configurations step to remove it.

test signature email

Configure Signature for Reply/Forward

To configure include signature in your replying and forwarding emails, you do:

  1. Select Composition & Addressing under your account.
  2. Select start my reply above the quote for When quoting field.
  3. Select below my reply (above the quote) for and place my signature field.
  4. Check Include signature for replies.
  5. Check Include signature for forwards.
  6. Select OK when done.

Configure reply and forward signature composition

Include signature into reply and forward