Install Thunderbird into Linux Operating System

This section guides you on how to install Thunderbird into Linux operating system.

Sourcing The Installer

For Linux operating system, you must refer to your Linux operating system’s documentation. Example:

  1. Debian Buster -
  2. Ubuntu -

Thunderbird usually row out updates periodically so it is advisable to install via your distribution packaging system.

Install Thunderbird

Once done, you must follow its instruction to install Thunderbird. Example, on Debian stable operating system, it is:

$ sudo apt-get install thunderbird -y

Install Thunderbird into Linux

Check Installed Outcome

Once everything is done, you can check out the installed Thunderbird. The application should not be too different from the Windows 10 version.

Apply Post Install Configurations

With everything installed, you should proceed to post install configurations.

To Post Install Configurations