Install Thunderbird into Windows 10

This section guides you on how to install Thunderbird into Windows 10.

Sourcing The Installer

Thunderbird regularly updates its version. This is the same with its installer. The download page is available at:

Thunderbird Download Page

Scan The Installer

Once you downloaded Thunderbird, you can proceed to install it using the downloaded installer. As a good practice, you should:

  1. Scan the installer for malware using the anti-virus security solution of your choice.
  2. If no malware is found, proceed to next step.
  3. If malware is found, delete it. Do not take the risk on Windows 10.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: infection can come from either server side or your local computer side. The former is rare but it is still a possibility.

Scan Thunderbird Installer for malware

Install Thunderbird

Double click on the installer to install them. There is not much to configure so you can proceed freely with it.


Check Installed Outcome

Once everything is done, you can check out the installed Thunderbird.

Check Installed Thunderbird

Apply Post Install Configurations

With everything installed, you should proceed to post install configurations.

To Post Install Configurations