Thunderbird Post Install Configurations

After installing a fresh copy of Thunderbird, there are some setup needs to be done. It’s a 1-time effort to ensure you have a good experience after use.

This section guides you through all the post installation configurations.

1) Enable Menu Bar

Unsure whether it is a bug or part of the design, if your menu bar is not available, you need to make it visible for most of the operations.


2) Prepare Storage Location

Under ZORALab process, we want to ensure that all data is within reach and control. Hence, before starting to add an email account, you should prepare its storage locations by creating the missing folders. ZORALab recommends the following paths:


  1. Local Storage: d:\Thunderbird\local
  2. Config: d:\Thunderbird\config


  1. Local Storage: $HOME/Thunderbird/local
  2. Config: $HOME/Thunderbird/config

Configure Local Folder to use Local Storage

Now head over to Tools on the menu bar and then Account Settings.



  1. Select the Local Folder.
  2. Select Browse to point to your local storage path.
  3. Select OK.
  4. You will be prompted to restart Thunderbird. Restart it before use.

Set Local Folde to use Local Storage