Remove Address Book from Thunderbird

To remove address book, it will be slightly more work but it is not complicated. This guide shows you how to remove the integrated address book from Thunderbird.

Open Address Book

The first thing to do is to open address book.

open thunderbird address book

Delete the Address Book

To delete the address book, you simply:

  1. Right-click on the address book.
  2. Select Delete.

Once done, you successfully deleted the address book.

delete address book

[OPTIONAL] Remove SOGo Connector Add-On

If you want to fully remove a remote address book, you should also remove the SOGO connector it relies on all together.

Open Add-On Manager for SOGo Removal

Now head to your Add-On Manager to remove the connector. You do:

  1. Goto Tools > Adds-Ons
  2. Switch to Extensions on the sidebar.
  3. Select Remove for SOGo Connector add-on.

remote sogo add-on

Restart Thunderbird

Upon removal, you will be asked to restart Thunderbird. Please proceed with it. The add-on is cosidered fully removed once you return from the restart.

restart thunderbird