Setting Printing Format in Thunderbird

Sometimes, when you want to print email, you might want to print it with some legally binding headers. This section guides you on how to configure Thunderbird to print in a specific format.

Configure Normal Email Header

The very first thing to you is t ensure the email headers (E.g. from, subject, timestamp, etc.) are in normal mode, not all mode where it is too verbose. To do that:

  1. goto View > Headers.
  2. select Normal.

set email header normal

Configure Page Setup

Next, let’s configure the page setup to match the printing expectations.

Open the Page Setup

To open the page setup:

  1. goto File.
  2. select Page Setup.

open page setup

Set Format & Options

Check the “Print Background (color & images)”. Otherwise, the printout will be very classical and boring.

check print background

Set Page Margin

The next thing is to set page margin. ZORALab recommends 12.7 on each sides to keep things steady and nice.

set page margin

Once everything is done, the next thing is to configure the header and footer of the printout.

ZORALab recommends using the following configurations:

HEADERCustom = Printed ByCustom = Your Full NameDate / Time
FOOTER--blank--Page # of #--blank--

This produces the following output, like:

Printed by               OLGA NATALIA            28/11/2019 8.19 PM
                         Page 1 of 3

Once done, you may press OK to close it.

set page header and footer


When using Custom, you can use some variable symbols for advanced customizations. Some interesting symbols are:

Test with Print Preview

Once done, you can test it out with print preview. If you’re okay with the layout, simply close/print it.


Styling header and footer is not available with the exception of customizing the source codes (in layman term: modification development).

print preview

Adding Print Shortcut

Print shortcut was not available on the work menu. Hence, you will need to add it from the toolbar customizer.

Open Toolbar Customizer

First, let’s start with opening the toolbar customizer drawer. To do that:

  1. Right click at your main toolbar. This should be up a menu.
  2. Select Customize. This will bring up the drawer.
  3. Search for Print item. Once found, drag and drop it to your location.
  4. Press Done when completed.

open customize drawer

insert print shortcut to toolbar

Open Print Preview via Shortcut

Now that everything is done, you may proceed to try out the shortcut by opening its print preview.

print preview via shortcut