Style Thunderbird Interface

Thunderbird allows its owner to style its boring and classic interface into some fancy mordern one. This section guides you on how to style Thunderbird interfaces using add-on.

Open Add-Ons Store

The first thing to do is to open the Add-Ons store. To do that:

  1. select Tools from menu.
  2. select Add-ons.

open addon store

With the manager opened, you can:

  1. select Themes department.
  2. search for a theme. You can fill in anything to open the store.

select theme addon dept

Shop Addon Theme

Once the shop is opened in a new tab, you can start shopping your addon theme. The themes are organized in categorized manner. Feel free to try out.

shop addon theme

ZORALab recommends the following:

You can keep trying until you found your style.

IMPORTANT NOTE: theme-based add-on does not need any permission. If it requests, deny and drop it for security reason.

test theme addon

Clean Up The Closet

Once you selected your theme, please be sure to remove all unused themes from the theme manager. You may select each of them and select Remove.

remove theme addon