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Integra Program — Get your modern IT infrastructure up profressionally using our full integration expertise and modern cloud services around the world tailored according to your resources and specifications.

Why Integration and Why Choose ZORALab?

Here are some of the reasons for you too integration methods to build your IT infrastructures and why choose ZORALab to integrate technologies for you:

Why Integra Integration - Faster Turnaround

Faster Turnaround

Integration enables you to have quality services faster than setting up hardware. With correct parameters, ZORALab usually enables your tech within 1-3 days.

Why Integra Integration - Less Infra Nightmare

Less Infra Nightmare

Integration eliminates infra maintenance nightmare by contracting to a specific tech service provider. ZORALab understands the pains and making sure it will not hurt you.

Why Integra Integration - Easily Disposable

Easily Disposable

Integrations allow you to easily switch, update, and dispose technologies. . ZORALab makes sure the configurations are correctly and securely done for you.

Why ZORALab Integra - Tested Recipes

Tested Recipes

ZORALab’s integration methods are continuously improved, tested, and technically evaluated before offering to customers. That’s our quality assurances.

Why ZORALab Integra - Complying Industrial Practices

Complying Ind. Practices

ZORALab does cross-check with the industrial best practices and compliances after making things work. This ensures you can peacefully focusing on growing business.

Why ZORALab Integra - Complying Industrial Practices

Optimized to Budget

ZORALab takes considerations of your business risk factors and available budget when choosing the suitable technologies. That way, we can ensure a win-win gains for both parties.

Why ZORALab Integra - Complying Industrial Practices

Minimize Complexity

ZORALab take ONE extra step to minimize tech complexities just for you. That way, you can safely control many sophisicated techologies with ease and with confidence.


Want to see some live results? We have some of our past demo set and actual customers’ sites here:

Integra Portfolio - Elfreshco


Elfreshco is our ZORALab Integra FIRST customer. They got transformed from a strictly conventional brick-and-mortar fruit juice cottage into a digital e-store under 3 days deadline!

Integra Portfolio - JerukJar


JerukJar is our ZORALab Integra customer. They are a startup team focusing on fruit and vegetable pickles. ZORALab has to build the enterprise IT infra from the ground up.

Why Integra Integration - Less Infra Nightmare

Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio is built to demonstrate the Integra capability to enable e-studio without needing to self-host a web application. Integration went successful under 2 days!

Design Goals

Currently, ZORALab is capable of optimizing Integra to the following goals. Please choose only ONE goal for each integration service module:

  1. STARTUP - optimized for minimum operational expense as close to MYR0 per month in exchange for some learning sessions.
  2. STANDARD - optimized for stability and long-term performance.

Available Integration Service Modules

There are so many permutations and combinations to integrate into an networked infrastructure. Here are our available and tested integration recipes for your business IT infrastructure needs:

Integra - Domain DNS & CDN Setup

Domain DNS & CDN Setup

A compulsory integration module for setting up your domain (company.com) for Internet network setup and forward supports.

Important Note

  1. This option is not needed if the domain is already setup according to our specification (or previously done by us).

Min Requirements

  1. Domain already purchased but is not setup according to our spec.
  2. Domain is not blacklisted.


One-time: MYR 400

Integra - Email Services

Email Services

Profressional business email setup like [email protected] with industrial standards compliances such as DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

Important Note

  1. If domain is not setup, it is compulsory to get Domain DNS & CDN Setup integration.

Min Requirements

  1. Domain already setup.
  2. Mailbox is not blacklisted.
  3. Mailbox is not setup.


One-time: MYR 2100

Integra - Website Listing

Website Listing

Profressional website setup with easy to manage user interface, search engine compliances (e.g. SEO) content write-up to present yourself across Internet.

Important Note

  1. If domain is not setup, it is compulsory to get Domain DNS & CDN Setup integration.

Min Requirements

  1. You already have the content materials ready (e.g. photos, videos, layouted ideas).
  2. Your contents are compliant to local country and global legal laws.
  3. Your contents are complaint to the tech service providers T&C.


One-time: MYR3100 per Language

Integra - Social Network Interfacing

Social Network Interfacing

Consolidate multiple social networks into one management interface for “one action, all networks” effect. Scheduled postings is included for reducing workloads.

Important Note

  1. If email is not setup, you need to get Email Services integration.

Min Requirements

  1. You owned a working profile/company phone.
  2. Email account already setup and active.
  3. Minimum signs-up: Google Maps, Google My Business, Whatsapp Business, Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages, and Twitter Profile.


One-time: MYR 1400

Terms and Conditions

Please read through the Integra Terms and Conditions available at: Integra Program Terms and Conditions.

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