Shepherd Program

A Monitoring Service Program For Preventive Measures. Let's sniff foreseeable problems out before they happen.

We heard your pains about needing us to help you out with expensive technological maintenances. Here we are, offering our monitoring expertise to help you sniff out potential pitfall before it happens.

Task Coverages

Our default monitoring coverage includes:

1. Network Connectivity Monitoring

Things like monitoring WAN setup and status; Wifi Deployment, Range, Power, Connectivity, etc.

2. Internal Network Connectivity Monitoring

Things like monitoring Device-to-IP mapping, network configurations, availability, devices-to-devices connectivity, etc.

3. Local Datastore Server

Things like monitoring datastore server health, usage, components health, software tracking and version updates, etc.

4. Local Datastore Data Integrity

Things like monitoring data storage conditions, Backup 1-2-3 Principles, schedule housekeeping practices, etc.

Why Choose Shepherd Program

Here are some reasons to choose Shepherd Program.

On-Site Service - Protecting Your Permise Data

on-site service
We believe data must always be within client's control. Hence, Shepherd Program is an on-site only service: your data remains in-site. Besides, we know you will have a lot of technological questions to ask us as we meet up so we will be happy to answer you within our expertise and assessments on-the-spot.

Suitable for Startup, Small and Medium Businesses

on-site service
We understand you are tight in budget to hire a tech guy for such monitoring service. Hence, we specifically broke it down into smaller, affordable tiers to enjoy high-technology maintenance like the big guys at an affordable rate.

Service Location

Currently, we're serving our customers in Kuala Lumpur region in Malaysia.

For customers outside these regions. Feel free to contact us and let's forge a win-win deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Shepherd Program.

Can You Guys Monitor Some Other Tasks Apart from the Default?

YES via additional task agreement (that specifies the details of your task). The hours used for monitoring your custom tasks are counted in as usual.

Can You Guys Develop Some App or Website under this Program?

NO. Shepherd Program is strictly for monitoring and periodic maintenance only. We do not develop software under Shepherd Program.

What happens if there is a need to purchase new assets?

Purchase under separate transaction either done by your side or assign to us as a runner. Separate product and sourcing fees may applies if we're the runner.

Are tiers automatically upgraded/downgraded?

YES to both. In fact, all billings start at Tier 1 and automatically upgrades to higher tiers based on your total used hours.

What happened if the tasks are parallelly executed?

In the event of parallelism done by us (either by parallel executions or multiple agents), we will still count each parallel executions and each agent hours based on the following equations:

Total Hours = (Completed Hours) x (Number of Agents) x (Number of Instances)

For example:

There are 5 1-hour tasks if done 1 at a time, the total hours is 5 hours.

  1. When 1 agent is able to execute all 5 tasks at the same time completed in 1 hour instead, the total hours are counted as 5 HOURS.
  2. When 1 agent is able to execute all 5 tasks at the same time completed in 0.5 hour instead, the total hours are 2.5 HOURS.
  3. When 5 agents is able to execute 1 task each at the same time completed in 1 hour instead, the total hours are counted as 5 HOURS.
  4. When 2 agents is able to execute 2 tasks each at the same time completed in 1.5 hour instead, the total hours are 6 HOURS.
  5. When 3 agents is able to execute 3 tasks each at the same time completed in 1 hour instead, the total hours are 9 HOURS.


In the event when there are balance not matching to an hour, it will be rounded-up to an hour. Example for total of: 4-hours 1-minutes, it is rounded up to 5hr.

How can I contact you when there is a problem?

Perferbly email. Phone, instant messaging (Signal Messenger), your issue trackers, and our Discord channel. We are ready to respond swiftly during working days.

Can you work during off-working hour for keepping my business running?

Solely at our discretion. There is no guarantees that our agents can be always available to serve you during off working-hours.

Will my unused hours be carried forward to next billing cycle?

NO. They will be forfeited and will not be carry-forwarded.

My system crashed. Can You Come and Help Us to Fix it?

Solely at our discretion. It's a case-by-case basis and the tasks are charged separately.

Do You support e-billing?

100% YES. We ONLY do e-billing via email and e-payments in the effort of saving the environment (saving trees for papers, posting, gas for delivering bills to and from, etc). Hence, your email is very important to us during registrations.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for Shepherd Program is available at our Shepherd Program Terms and Conditions Site


Here is the Shepherd Program pricing to date. If the total hour used has increased beyond one tier, it is automatically upgraded to the next tier with cheaper rate.

AmountRM 320.00RM 590.00RM 1170.00RM 72.00
Min Hours per Month4 hours8 hours16 hoursper hour

Solve Your Problem?

You can contact us by emailing us at:

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