General Terms and Conditions

When conducting business with ZORALab Enterprise, we do have our general terms and conditions that applies to all our business conducts. This is to ensure that our business commerece is legally assured and conducts are crisp and clear.

The latest version is always available: HERE.

Subjected to Be Overriden

In any cases, when the General Terms and Conditions is appended to any of our Specific Terms and Conditions, it shall both be always read together.

In the event of inconsistency between the Specific Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, the former shall prevail.

Available By Version

In case you need to refer by version number, this section arranges the General Terms and Conditions by decending order. The largest version number is the latest and overwrites its predecessors at its effective date.

Effective Date Starting FromVersion NumberLink
September 1, 20202.1.0
March 1, 20202.0.0
May 1, 20191.0.0