Welcome to ZORALab Enterprise

ZORALab Enterprise — We build, invent, make, innovate, and provide technologies and its services through our software and control knowledge for our business client.

ZORALab Focuses on Stability over Speed

Stability over Speed

Ensure reliability instead of high speed.

ZORALab Focused on Automation

Always Automate

Ensures consistency and continuously improved.

ZORALab Focused on Friendly Licensing

Friendly Licensing

Ensures commercial friendly licensing.

ZORALab Focused on Friendly Licensing


Documented and making informed decisions.

Who We Are

A simple and objective-focused tech company dedicated to providing stable techological solution to small and medium enterprise in Malaysia, and globally. We deal with various modern technologies including those developed by our own. Here is our team:

"Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho

“Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho


Galyna, Cory

Galyna, Cory

Virtual Assistant, Co-Founder

Our Customers Testimonials

Here’s what our customers say about us:

Frankie Felix Sim Testimonial

Frankie Felix Sim

Founder is very helpful for setting up my restaurant on Google. He really helped me in and out to ensure my newly formed restaurant is searchable on the map and ensure everyone can find me.

I recommend engage this team for future Internet services.

Jean Leong Testimonial

Jean Leong

Zoralab is efficient and prompt in responding to technical difficulties. In addition to that, Zoralab is willing to go to extra mile to ensure that any technical difficulties is resolved in the soonest possible time frame.

Shino Ong Testimonial


A software house like no other. Seriously!

Have you all experienced working with a developer or software house that is just doing what you ask them to? Those that are lack of imagination, initiative or even experience? Well, ZORALab is nothing like this!!

What impresses us a lot is the customer experience aspect of ZORALab, making sure they fullfill our requirements and much more! Recommended us what’s best for our needs and also all the modules, features and additional methods we can also apply to our business!

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Our Tech Products and Services

We produce and maintain various software products from time-to-time. Among them are actual software products with their respective licensing (although we often prefer open source), and service products where we provide different modern IT services. Please feel free to explore:

ZORALab Product - BaSHELL


Portable Bash Script Unit Testing Tool designed specifically for BASH and Shell script.

ZORALab Product - Bissetii


Hugo Theme and Go UI Module for rapid prototyping across various technological user interfaces.

ZORALab Product - Cerigo


Unit-tested Go toolkit library for rapid prototyping system development using Go Programming Language.

ZORALab Product - Devora


Detachable Bootable USB-Stick System for booting fully encrypted Linux operating system.

ZORALab Product - Fennec


Continuous Integration Toolbox for quick semi-automation on GitLab CI platform.

ZORALab Product - Godocgen


Go documentation generator for independent and localized hosting Go Programming Language documentation.

ZORALab Product - Granatum


Build Minimal and Working Debian OS Easily for various deployments and platform.

ZORALab Product - Monteur


Software manufacturing automation tool for high customization and large scale development and deployments.

ZORALab's Salut


A wide range of enterprise IT services product for small and medium businesses (SMEs).