About Us

ZORALab Enterprise — a tech team specialized in software division and software approach to problem solving. The team has its own unique story as we started from bootstrap. Here lies all the bits and bytes about us.

Our Mantra

Through Knowledge, We Serve

We strongly believe that our world has entered into a new era: knowledge-driven economy. We had seen enough cases where people are being abused when it comes to knowledge, information, and data-driven domains. Today, with the potentials from the Internet, we want to serve people and help those in need via our knowledge management. Hence, through knowledge, we serve.

“Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho, 2017

Our Principles

We operate our business based on our highly valued principles. These are the 6 principles we proud to adhere with.

Relationship Comes First (人缘在先,方为其胜)

Without good relationship, there is no way we can deeply empathize our client. Make good bonds with people first as business comes in naturally next.

Earn the trust through results and data, not plain pitch and talks.

Quality Before Quantity (精雕细刻,刻骨铭心)

Needless to say, it had been proven over and over again that quality over quality produces long lasting results and business relationship.

Prioritize quality over quality, make informed decisions, and zero tolerance to piracy.

Be Objective and Adaptable (看风行事,事款则圆)

Once a wise person mentioned “always start with end in mind”. Hence, always move in the right direction, even it is tough.

It’s okay to travel by country roads rather than speeding on a highway to hell.

Simplicity (遇事不苟,简单就好)

In 21st Century, there are already a lot of complex and integrated problems to deal with in order to achieve an objective. Hence, let’s keep things simple by prioritizing problem solving first before imagination.

Please keep things simple and documentable before scaling.

Be Proud of Who You Are (路在人走,事在人为)

Everyone has his/her uniqueness inside. Always look for it and don’t be shy about you being who you are. Always prioritize win-win solution for you and everyone.

Dare to voice out and do the right thing.

Love Your Team (上和下睦,待人有礼)

Next to client, your team is your energy. Continously learn how to lead and how to grow your team. Prioritize them as they’re the swan that lays the golden eggs.

Cherish your connection. It’s not easy to get a great team.

Our Brief History

So here’s our story from the start…

The Start

The journey started off from 2015. We were a group of freelancers wondering around the years exploring things out. We tested a bunch of hypothesis and development markets. Over a year, we attracted to people coming in and out for our services.

Trigger Point

It was until one day, in September 2017, one of us asked:

Why not we build a tech company? Let the problems come to us and we learn, understand, empathize, embrace, build, and solve the problems for our client?

It was this question that ZORALab established its company, the ZORALab Enterprise.

Finding Our Identity

As we visualize ourselves to be the first light that reaches the blue sky, we set off searching for our company name. From the Japanese, we found 青空 (あおぞら), also pronounced as rendaku, which simply means azure sky. Coincidentally, the same wording “ZORA”, in Arabic and Slavic languages, means the dawn, the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Hence, we decided to choose ZORA as our brand name, taking the “Z” as our emphasis.

We also took the word “Lab” as the meaning of continuous learning and growth.

Only then, the final version: ZORALab is found.

ZORALab Logo

Our Team

Needless to say, we operate in a team. Here are our teams:

"Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho

“Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho


Galyna, Cory

Galyna, Cory

Virtual Assistant, Co-Founder

Current Member of Organizations

We are currently a member of the following organizations and group.

ZORALab in Debian Community

Debian Community

A network group for developing the most parent and stable Linux Debian operating system especially dealing with its .deb package and ecosystem.

Joint date: 2018

ZORALab in LOT Network

LOT Network

A network group with the goal of eliminating patent trolls threat. They are now able to permanently immunize members from over 1,658,000 assets in the hands of a PAE (a.k.a patent trolls).

Joint date: December 8, 2018

ZORALab in Open Invention Network

Open Invention Network

A community aimed to support its members on reducing patent risks for open source innovation. Each members signed the same cross-license Linux system to ensure it is royalty free within the community.

Joint date: 2018 (Member 3261)

Our Testimonials

Last but not least, here are what our past customers said about us:

Chua Yee Soong Testimonial

Chua Yee Soong

Kean Ho was very kind and professional when assisting us to set up our IT infrastructure. Recommended for anyone looking to boost their IT infrastructure.

Darrell Lim Testimonial

Darrell Lim

Great tech/web development company that is amazing/cooperative when it comes to facilitating your needs to gain online exposure. They had built a modern website for us so that we get to engage our clients on social media as well as ranked in top 10 of google search engine. Well done!

Edris Razak Testimonial

Edris Razak

Boss in amanah dan cekap betul. Ada problem dekat IT, Cari boss ni! Kosnya okay juga.

Nika (*Jika) you buat startup Dan perli system yang updated, tempat, Cari dia.

WYPristine Testimonial

Elvin Ng

Awesome website build! Thanks for the quick turn around and paying attention to every little details. The site delivered was far sooner and far better than my expectation. It was a great experience to work with you guys as well. Keep up the good work guys.

Frankie Felix Sim Testimonial

Frankie Felix Sim

Founder is very helpful for setting up my restaurant on Google. He really helped me in and out to ensure my newly formed restaurant is searchable on the map and ensure everyone can find me.

I recommend engage this team for future Internet services.

Frankie Sim Testimonial

Frankie Sim

Excellent and very profressional service. If you happen t meet any of them on the street, be sure to ask them o clear up some of your IT problems! Jia you, ZORALAB!!!

Hanisah Hassan Testimonial

Hanisah Hassan

Very friendly, helpful and fully recommended for their computing services. Best service ever.

Jean Leong Testimonial

Jean Leong

Zoralab is efficient and prompt in responding to technical difficulties. In addition to that, Zoralab is willing to go to extra mile to ensure that any technical difficulties is resolved in the soonest possible time frame.

JerukJar Testimonial


Thanks for enabling our startup even going through the long COVID-19 pandemic era (about years). Really enjoyed your service and consultation throughout the collaboration, even including after contract support. Nice aquaculture plantation over there!

JerukJar Marketing Team Testimonial

JerukJar Marketing Team

Thanks for the promptly update for resetting all account access and be ready for use. Hope to collaborate more with you in the future.

Johnson Lam Testimonial

Johnson Lam

Most important aspect of the business is understanding customer’s needs.

ZORALab team was highly responsive, understands our needs and promptly reacted with detailed plans, strategy and recommendations.

They studied the market well to recommend what’s relevant or not and most importantly what’s applicable for the customer.

I engaged them for a small task, but the effort they put into it are just as professional and detailed as any huge corporate work (from my experience dealing with corporate agencies)

Turnaround time was awesomely fast.

I am very very satisfied with the serice. Will recommend to all my business contacts, friends and family too.

Keep up the goodwork ZORALab. Once again you all exceeded my expectations.

Shino Ong Testimonial


A software house like no other. Seriously!

Have you all experienced working with a developer or software house that is just doing what you ask them to? Those that are lack of imagination, initiative or even experience? Well, ZORALab is nothing like this!!

What impresses us a lot is the customer experience aspect of ZORALab, making sure they fullfill our requirements and much more! Recommended us what’s best for our needs and also all the modules, features and additional methods we can also apply to our business!

Kelvin Cheok Testimonial

Kelvin Cheok

Zoralab provides an excellent service which is beyond my expectation. Highly recommended for anyone that is looking for high quality service.

Kenny Yong Testimonial

Kenny Yong

Great Support

Khew Wai Kok Testimonial

Khew Wai Kok

(Translated) - Thank you for helping me setting up Google Maps configurations. This CEO has great patience and is having a highly resilient attitude to get things done without giving up easily when complicated challenges occured.

Lily Liew Testimonial

Lily Liew

Kean Ho is very helpful and responsive to any inquiries and assist to solve my problems. He’s basically there 24/7 to help you. Very recommended! :)

Loo Toon Leong Testimonial

Loo Toon Leong


Lucky Multi Testimonial

Lucky Multi

Very fast responses and delivers customized software that we need.

Meor Muhzamir's Testimonial

Meor Muhzamir

Boss ini sangat tolong orang punya. Recommend dia untuk selesaikan masalah IT dalam kedai.

Tapi ya, dia agak complicated sikit sebab dia sangat teknikal (itulah saya recommend) dan kadangkala perbincangannya boleh mengelirukan. Tahan sikit ya dan harap dia dapat menambah baik cara komunikasinya.

Priscilla Ang Testimonial

Priscilla Ang

Highly recommended for anyone that is looking for high quality service.

Rainie Kwan Testimonial

Rainie Kwan

Kean Ho himself personally are friendly and calm when I called to explain my issue on company’s IT issue. Personally, expired domain together with Gsuite and others party were hard to synchronise the control for me. It was too technical for me due to multiple parties control yet Kean Ho was fast catcher when I explain how I can’t renew them even after I paid and make mistake on account status.

Within days he solve the conflict and untied all the confusion. Then slowly he settle one case by case for us. The best thing is that after solving everything, he prepared a report to us on explaining everything throughout.

Additionally, he also guide us how to improve our securities on own account privacy and we are keen and looking forward to let him handle the IT part afterall. He is responsible and efficient ☺️

Ron Lim Testimonial

Ron Lim

Very detailed and specific to his work. Give him a call and he’ll get your computing software fixed right up.

Shino Ong Testimonial

Shino Ong

Founder is a great person! This company should be supported at all time and soar high! Malaysia really needs this kind of talent!

If you have IT related issue, don’t hesitate to contact this guy!

Tan Jit Kai Testimonial

Tan Jit Kai

Kean Ho is a helpful guy . He helped us to resolve serveral IT problems that we had in our firm in a short span of time.

Thong Kyn Wyne Testimonial

Thong Kyn Wyne

Extremely patient and efficient guy. Will definitely recommend anyone to go to him.

WYPristine Testimonial

WY Pristine

ZORALab helps us setup our e-commerce site and willing to go to the extend where security becomes a priority development. This is rare for a small company to take this measure for their customers. May we wish ZORALab grow larger in the upcoming future!

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