August 20, 2020 - General T&C 2.1.0

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Published Date Thursday, August 20, 2020 GMT +0800
Reported By “Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho

On August 20, 2020 Malaysian Time, we have updated the General Terms and Conditions to version 2.1.0 focusing on privacy and sensitive data handling and its use policies. This new General Terms and Conditions shall be effective starting from September 1, 2020.

Updated Components

We believe that the General Terms and Conditions must cover the privacy and sensitive data handling for our customers. Our previous version only request customers' consent and does not specify clearly on what is covered, the policy, purposes, and handling.

This update covers strongly about the data usage such as:

  1. Enhanced Section 4 from “Personal Identifiable Information” to “Privacy, Personal Identifiable Information, and Sensitive Data”.
  2. Specify persistent identifiable memory usage like “cookie in website”.
  3. Consent for using logging technologies.
  4. Specify sensitive data collection purposes.
  5. Specify warranty policy of sensitive data protection.
  6. Specify the sensitive data storage and transmission outside Malaysia.

Some minor miscellaneous updates includes:

  1. Shifting “You, Yours” defintiions directly into Receiving Parties.
  2. Grammar and spelling corrections.
  3. Additional definitions.

Affected Documents

All legal documents with appended General Terms and Conditions will be updated along with this updates.

Effective Date

This version shall be effective starting from September 1, 2020.

Action Required

No action is required from client. You may review the updated General Terms and Conditions available starting from August 20, 2020 at:

General Terms and Conditiions Version v2-1-0