ZORALab Website Upgraded

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Published Date Friday, September 27, 2021 GMT +0800
Reported By “Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho

On September 17, 2021, ZORALab had successfully ported its official website to use the latest Bissetii web UI engine. The goal was to be unified with the engine and receive continuously improved web UI seamlessly while we only focus on content build-up.


After our Bissetii web UI have its large-scale overhaul and comes to a scalable stage, we decided to upgrade our homepage using its latest API and styling. This will greatly benefits us as we consolidate all the UI components under a single engine where they are continuously improved from time to time.

ZORALab website upgraded to new Bissetii web UI engine

The Upgrades

The upgrade porject was started from September 1, 2021 with much hurdles due to a lot of non-backward compatible changes. However, after the upgrades, unlike the previous version, we know this engine will scale easily in a matter of time.

At the same time, we revised some of our articles and publications so that they are more meaningful and better reflect our company and our counterparts.

The Training Dojo

We also shifted our knowledge base documentations into our new ZORALab training dojo. Currently, we’re offering:

  1. Dealing PDF
  2. Using Signal Messenger
  3. Using 7-Zip
New ZORALab training dojo

However, due to resources constraint, we are yet to build the training dojo main page (since this is something new from us). We will eventually do it once we completed our business research for IT training business model.

Among the training that we want to include in the close future are:

  1. Bitwarden
  2. Google Workspace
  3. Hardening Yourself in IT World
  4. Backup System - Backup 1-2-3 Principle

Updates Stores

Our web stores are cleaner and clearer where it better reflects all the terms and product coverage. That way, it allows us to communicate easily with our existing and new customers.

The store is now moved to homepage to make shopping easier for everyone.

New ZORALab store look on homepage

Simplified Company Profile

Our About Us page are consolidated and presented ourselves in a seamless and readable way. They are now data-driven so that we can scale easily and accordingly. Customer testimonials are now archived and presented in that same page, allowing the content of the page grows accordingly.

About page screenshot

What’s Next

There are so many potentials for us. However, we will be developing a new localized CI product called “Monteur” (the “Assembler”) to consolidate all our CI scripts and data. Currently, our CI across various products are messy and had reached to an unscalable manner. Moreover, they are not cross-platform at all, causing a heavy dependency over Linux operating system for simple software.


Let’s recap: ZORALab upgraded their website using their latest Bissetii web UI engine, allowing them to scale indefinitely. During the course of upgrades, ZORALab also kick-starting their training dojo to experiement new training path. Their stores and about pages are greatly simplified and enhanced for better communications and easily scalable.

ZORALab shall work on a new CI product called “Monteur” to consolidate and simplify all their CI script and data in 1 common language and is able to operate independent of platforms.