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Published Date Wednesday, November 10, 2021 GMT +0800
Reported By “Holloway” Chew, Kean Ho

On November 10, 2021, ZORALab had successfully implemented a new integrated website listing product to demonstrate our web design and enabling services. This demo unifies all existing serverless web technologies for providing a quick, easy to manage, content-oriented, and friendly to non-tech individuals' website construction and listing.

To experience first hand, please visit:


The demo project was created as requested by 2 and more ZORALab customers at the same time to demonstrate the possibility of using serverless technologies for serving websites.

The integrated solution must be able to:

  1. Remove customers from monthly or year expenses in terms of hosting. However, serving from existing purchased technologies like Google Workspace is allowed since the integrated service has other business purposes.
  2. Allows customers to retain profressional business level website presentation and quality in the absent of conventional database serving technologies.
  3. If possible, perform better and faster than existing database serving technologies.
  4. The integrated solution MUST be friendly for non-tech individuals to add, modify, and delete contents seamlessly.

We can see that 2 key features customers would want from the demo are:

  1. Removing the monthly and yearly hosting expenses for static website.
  2. A non-technical individual friendly editor for adding/removing contents.

For this new demo, we remain supporting Google Workspace as the business first vendor.

This would be our largest demo ever created with collaboration across various artists across Pexels and SoundCloud platforms.

Selected Technologies

We decided to choose the following technologies based on our strong reasons:

  1. Google Sites - Since we recommends Google Workspace as part of business cloud infrastructure for business and Google Sites is already included as part of the product.
  2. Inkscape - For our new vector graphic creations.
  3. GIMP - For our new bitmap graphic creations.

Implemented Features

ZORALab tested a large number of digital features that is readily available for integrations. Since this is a full-scale feature driven demo, ZORALab tested out all the following features, ensuring the integrated outcome is competitive to other customers.

Always Working, Mobile First Design

The first and NON-COMPROMISING feature ZORALab tested would be its always working responsive pages that promotes mobile first design.

This is the highest priority feature because many web visitors as of 2021 are on mobile devices more than conventional laptop and desktop. Hence, a website must be responsive enough to adapt various screen and height.

As part of learning from the Covid19 pandemic, a built-in banner notification is best made available for public announcement.

Always Working, Mobile First Design

Dynamic Animation, Video, and Graphics Support

The second feature ZORALab tested would be the seamless integrations of dynamic animations, videos, and graphic supports. Although the technology can support basic image display, today’s technologies require dynamics and animations support, both dynamic images and videos.

The selected serverless technology is capable of integrate both Youtube and Vimeo players with various player configurations (e.g. auto-play, loop, and etc) seamlessly.

As for dynamic images, the conventional animated gif is supported but not the latest webp format. For the latter, only ZORALab’s Bissetii works best for seamless integration.

Maintainable at Any Level of Content Availability

The third feature ZORALab tested would be the ability to manage various level of contents based on its resources' availability. That means that an author can create and continuously improve the content until the requirements are fulfilled overtime, saving resources from over production.

Needless to say, at any level, be it crude and limited text, the website MUST be able to present itself professionally.

Maintainable at Any Level of Content Availability

Payment Gateway Integrations

The fourth feature ZORALab tested would be the ability to integrate legit payment gateway directly into the website. This allows the website to perform simple e-commerce buy-sell platform securely.

ZORALab successfully setup Stripe in the demo using ZORALab testing payment gateway.

Seamless Integrations with Google Workspace Applications

The fifth feature ZORALab tested would be the ability to seamlessly integrate office applications' data especially Google Workspace apps. Additionally, editing those application data will update the web page automatically without needing to modify the web page.

No-Code Content Editor

The sixth feature ZORALab tested would be the no-code editor for non-tech content creators. Although it’s easy for ZORALab to develop any kinds of web appliction or website, we want our clients to be in the main control rather than contacting us everytime for simple content tweaking. For this demo, we successfully develop the entire website without involving any coding at all.

No-Code Content Editor

Intense Collaborations and Referencing

In order to make the point that a good website does not need extremely good codes, software plugins, and etc, ZORALab intensively deployed large volumes of open-licensed images from Pexels and various artists like Ikson Music to build up the page contents. This is our first project involving large-scale attributions.

With their contributed contents, ZORALab is then capable of demonstrating that a web page’s true intention was to present a content crisp, percise, accurate, and maintainable. That way, the website owners can systematically scale up its public website content without worrying about codes.


Let’s recap: ZORALab successfully built a full-scale, serverless, and integrated website using Google Sites from the included Google Workspace itechnology with the help of various artists open-licensed contents. ZORALab had tested a set of key requirements including:

  1. Always working, mobile first design
  2. Dynamic animation, video, and graphics support
  3. Maintainable at any level of content availability
  4. Payment gateway integrations
  5. Seamless integrations with Google Workspace applications
  6. No-code content editor for non-technical editors

The demo website is available for experience at:

If you’re interested to hire ZORALab to build one for your business, please check us out:

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