Launching Zoralab's Salut

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Published Date Wednesday, June 1, 2022 GMT +0800
Reported By "Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho
Launching ZORALab's Salut

After 2 years of lockdown and an unexpected war up the north hemisphere, ZORALab iterated our services products' design and officially launching our whole new ZORALab's Salut, customizable, scalable, stable, and cheaper (in a way).
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The product was developed since March 2022 after numerous constructive feedbacks from our paying customers alongside our business mentor. It is an upgrade to ZORALab's tech services product line: a quite simple, customizable, predictable, and yet scalable tech services product.

The Story Behind

The biggest problem with existing ZORALab's Integra Program and ZORALab's Shepherd Program was their rigid business structure approach. In the last 2 years, we got a lot of customers' feedbacks regarding how bad our tech service's product offering.

Some notable feedbacks were:

We know we have to do something about both Integra Program and Shepherd Program since the last 2 years. However, on February 2022, Russian-Ukriane Special Military Operation that severely distrupted our supply chain was the last straw.

Research and Development

We begun spending our resources on tech services research and development specifically targetting small and medium businesses particularly dealing with business structure and operations. That way, we get a more practical and top-down visibility over our status quo. Holloway did published a paper regarding all available business models in the IT industry recently.

To get over with the product offering rigidity for both programs and yet maintaining backward-compatible business product, the only way is to metamorphosize both programs into a whole new one that solves all the requests above.

Meet ZORALab's Salut

Today, we proudly announce the launching of our newly evolved tech services product: ZORALab's Salut. This modularlized product allows our new and existing customers to:

bye Integra Program

What Happens to Our Existing Customers?

No worries. The services remain unchanged and we will contact you by this month to transform your Shepherd Program into ZORALab's Salut.

Starting from this month, you won't be charged under our subscription payment model but rather, receiving monthly invoices as purchases.

In regards to service customizations, please let us know after the transformation. We will be happy to upgrade for you.


Why Some Services Looks Dramatically Cheaper?

Because we haven't upload all the services from the previous packages yet. Some notable ones are:

Once these services are available, you may recalculate to compare with the old plan (why would you?).

What's Next

ZORALab shall incrementally improve ZORALab's Salut over-time especially dealing with unpredictable service hours tasks, data processing catalog, and graphics production catalog.

As for the immediate next big thing: we're sorting out our supply chain at the moment, mainly caused by the February 2022 Russian-Ukraine "Special Military Operation" or War, whichever sides you're on. Я желаю вам мира, и чтобы эта глупая война уже поскорее закончилась.

Special thanks to SpaceX for making their rocket image available via Pexels.