Retiring ZORALAB.XYZ Domain

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Published Date Wednesday, October 4, 2022 GMT +0800
Reported By "Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho
Retiring ZORALAB.XYZ Domain

After getting alongside with, we decided to retire our domain starting from November 1, 2022. All services are merged into and moving forward, we shall not be associate with domain in any means or in any ways.


After implemented alongside for quite a long time for our customer services, we had decided to retire it for service consolidations and on focus only on starting from November 1, 2022. Anything from it beyond that date shall be treated as phishing site and legal prosecution shall be done against that new owner; which is entirely a different, independent entity.

The Story Behind

Initially, we purchased for separating some of our customer-speicfic cloud services in our business operations. Since the early of year 2022, we encountered a trademark threat from all over the world that basically forced us to consolidate all our customer facing services back to

Now, with left idle as it is, we decided to retire it and only focus of Hence, starting from November 1st, 2022; ZORALab Enterprise and its services SHALL NO LONGER be associated with

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What's Next

We will focus solely on to cater our services to the public, both open-source projects and commercial ones. Thank you.