Domain Management Compliances

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Published Date Wednesday, November 3, 2022 GMT +0800
Reported By "Holloway" Chew, Kean Ho
Domain Management Compliances

On November 3, 2022, after spending enough time adjusting the domain managements to comply with the legal and financial safety for all our existing clients, we can now safely announce to the public that in the future, ZORALAb shall only manage technological aspect of the business domains for our new and existing clients.


Starting from November 10, 2022; ZORALab SHALL AND WILL NEVER ask, retain, or invoice you for any domain-registry renewal fees. They are now all set to be billed directly from our vendors and you have direct and full owner control over the domain account.

ZORALab ONLY manages the technological aspect of domain registrar like system inter-linking between registrar and network control system, Transport Layer Security (TLS), DNSSEC, infrastructure firefighting, and etc. Due to the importance of such business task, ZORALab may only notify your person-in-charge should ZORALab receive any domain renewal or legal notices from our vendors.

Therefore, moving forward, it is your full responsibility and due diligence to manage your business domain identity's matters from the legal (e.g. not violating your country(-ies) of operation Rules of Laws) and financial (e.g. ensures the renewal fees are paid years ahead) aspects.

Best Practices

ZORALab recommends the following practices to all our business clients for ensuring your business domain(s) is/are always under absolute control:

  1. DO renew the domain registration at minimum 2 MONTHS earlier from the expiry date;
  2. DO purchase more buffering years (recommended always purchase at least 1 year extra);
  3. DO revisit the domain registration management system at least ONCE PER YEAR to ensure its upkeep is good;
  4. DO keep the domain registar ONLY AND ONLY handles domain registration service and nothing else;
  5. DO NOT purchase other cloud/network service products from the registrar service provider. (If you need that service from that provider, swap the registar service to another service provider);
  6. DO NOT soley rely on auto-payment system to renew on the last day;
PRO TIP: ZORALab uses annual calendar event scheduling to deal with this is a years-long and often be forgotten task.

Why Are We Doing This?

Please understand that a business domain name is actually an online identity that can perform various business transactions all together (e.g. website, web applications, emails, identity verifications, and etc). Hence, the stake is too high for losing such important infrastructure due to clients' negligence. It can compromise the business organization entirely easily.

ZORALab mainly does this because of the following reasons:

Identify Scammers Easily

ZORALab must publicly disclose its domain management methodologies in order to uniquely distinguish ourselves away from the scamming tech center originated from notable Asia countries.

Our domain registration and account setup notably the legal and finance aspects of things including training to your appointee are all done in the ZORALab's Salut setup job contract. Hence, That leaves ZORALab ZERO reason to ask for any domain renewal fees in the future. Making this a known fact allows all our customers to easily identify a scammer and deal with them accordingly.

Keeping The Books Clean

In business, ZORALab does not want to absorb or to get involved in any legal/financial risks and concequences caused by our clients' business conducts that has nothing to do with us. By separating a clear line between technological, legal, and financial aspects in a crystal clear manner, it keeps the books finely separated for both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for further clarifications:

Why Such Heavy Emphasis on Domain Name Management?

Mainly due to its identity role as a whole in the Internet world. This is similar to your personal or individual NRIC in your physical world but the domain name does a lot of powerful works likes communications, identity management and validations, coordinations, and etc. ZORALab is a cyber-service contracting service provider which is not a suitable role to absorb such critical stake vital to your business organization.

Do You Mean I Have To Manage those Vendor's Configurations?

We will still service the technical side of things. However, when it comes to billing or legal notices with the domain name, it is your full responsbility. For that, we can only be an advisory role providing inputs to you.

What Are The Legal Aspect of Concequences You're Referring To?

Normally fatal ones such as but not limited to hosting ponography content in a muslim country; operating a cyber-casino/lottery without license or permits; hosting illegal contents (e.g. leaked database or images); sending spam emails, phishing sites, and etc. These domains are usually taken down by various countries' legal enforcers notably United States FBI cyber division.

Domains being used to spread fake news or causing fatal atrocity like racial discriminations can get cancelled by not just legal enforcers but also our vendors we well.

What Happened if I perform a Late Payment after Expiry Date?

You may risk losing that domain name identity PERMANENTLY. Active and especially commerical domain names are vulnerable to cybersquatter to either sabotage your branding in the Internet world or to make a hugo amount of money by negociating their ways to release the domain name back to you.

Resolutions often involves lawyers and trademarks attorneys across the globe to deal with the cybersquatters OR rebrand from scratch into a new trade name. Either ways are unfavorable to the business organization over a simple negligence.

Why Can't I Rely on Auto-Payment System for Renewal?

Because domain name is too important to fail and auto-payment system has multiple failing points (e.g. your debit/credit card can fail to transact due to bank's problem). The auto-payment system is the final line of defenses in case everything else fails (where the vendor can try to secure the domain name as last resort). In any case, don't wait for last day; always purchase enough buffer to keep the domain always under your absolute control (e.g. always buy 1 year extra period).

What's Next

We will continue to serve our customers only on the technological aspect of the domain management service. However, it is your due diligence to manage and deal with the legal and financial aspects of your business domain identity.

Special thanks to Andrea Piacquadio for his Artwork on Pexels.