Bissetii is one of ZORALab's main network graphic user interface engine library. It was developed to serve as user friendly interface for the next generation interconnected network setup, both locally and across the Internet. It was highly optimized to the point where functionality and footprint are priority one.

Designed for Network and Edge Computing

As technologies are moving towards interconnecting with each others via network, there is a need to remove the traditional user interface (monitor, keyboard, etc.) and shift to remote browsing web interfaces.

Users are no longer fond of carrying monitors and keyboards around. They are now more happy to have the control over their mobile or tablet devices. For developers, it’s SSH terminal.

Since this is for networking usage, a scalable and maintainable update rollout ecosystem is required especially dealing with the notoriously chaotic nature of user interface design.

Therefore, we need a lightweight web user interface technology that can be used in low footprint environment (e.g. embedded devices) and normal computing environement (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, server, and cloud). Bissetii fits in nicely.

Continously Improved

ZORALab continuously improves Bissetii as we venture into future for both stability and new components invention while keeping the footprint as small and flexible as possible.

Price: Free Forever

Bissetii is FREE (as in freedom and free beer) forever licensed under commercial friendly Apache 2.0 open source license.

ZORALab ourselves are using it extensively to ensure backward compatibility and scalable maintainability. Please enjoy!

Download Location

Like it? Please feel free to visit: Official Website