Cerigo is one of ZORALab's main software construction material written in pure Go Programming Language. This code library is meant to keep ZORALab software backwards compatible and scale in the a maintainable manner. Cerigo is currently an active project ZORALab has been working and maintaining on.

Designed for Go Programming Language

As ZORALab team being introduced to Go programming language, we immediately see its potential values over a lot of advantages such as but not limited to easy customer guidance (greatly reduces documentation efforts), all-in-one programming tools (documentation generator, code formatter, code standardization, single binary compilation, test tools included, and developer-machine friendly). It is an all direction profit.

Therefore, ZORALab intends to migrate our existing tools and libraries from various languages (mostly C and Python) into Go programming language as a baseline. Cerigo would be our primary library modules housing all our commonly used tested codes into it.

A Collection of Reusable Algorithms

ZORALab dedicated to develop this library as inspired from Gorilla Web Toolkit where we expand beyond just web development. In fact, we want it to be unit-tested, backwards compatible, easy to use, and resilient overtime so that we always maintain the use of the most optimized alogrithm.

Price: Free Forever

Cerigo is FREE (as in freedom and free beer) forever licensed under commercial friendly Apache 2.0 open source license.

ZORALab ourselves are using it extensively to ensure backward compatibility and scalable maintainability. Please enjoy!

Download Location

Like it? Please feel free to visit: Official Website