Fennec is one of ZORALab's GitLab CI library housing all tested settings and configurations. Fennec is mainly to ease the pain from gitlab-ci.yml file development process.

Designed to Track GitLab CI YAML Recipes

Developing recipes for different projects using GitLab CI was a painful journey as the only way to test those .gitlab-ci.yml files are git commitment. Thus, this action either clogging the git log or using extreme attention to details to craft one.

This is where Fennec is for: recording all these .gitlab-ci.yml recipes into a single common repository for reusability and less development repetitiveness.

Price: Free Forever

Fennec is FREE (as in freedom and free beer) forever licensed under commercial friendly Apache 2.0 open source license.

ZORALab ourselves are using it extensively to ensure backward compatibility and scalable maintainability. Please enjoy!

Download Location

Like it? Please feel free to visit: Official Website