Godocgen is a software ZORALab developed for generating Go documentation from its built-in system into any desired external formats. This is useful for hosting the Go packages' documentation locally with selected technology over the Go online documentation system.

Designed for Go Programming Language

Eversince Go programming language has an unified documentation hosting location, it’s very difficult to maintain a consistency in presenting the Go package. ZORALab has Bissetii UI to perform most of its web contents so it is better to have an application that can generate Go documentations natively into any rendering text file and then let the owner do the rest.

Hence, Godocgen was developed and continuously maintained for solving Go programming language’s problem: getting the documentations ready for local and offline use.

Price: Free Forever

Godocgen is FREE (as in freedom and free beer) forever licensed under commercial friendly Apache 2.0 open source license.

ZORALab ourselves are using it extensively to ensure backward compatibility and scalable maintainability. Please enjoy!

Download Location

Like it? Please feel free to visit: Official Website