Granatum is a toolkit to construct a custom configured Debian installer ISO to make Debian installation in various system seamlessly autonomous. This allows user to use the operating system immediately after the installation rather than spending time doing post configurations.

Designed for Scalable Compute System

Debian has been known for its notorious installation experience (due to their open-source licensing distribution) where non-free essential packages like wifi and ethernet firmware are not available but needed prior the installation. Then, user has to setup post installation configurations like downloading the necessary tools packages for his/her work. Hence, there is a need to unify all installation into 1 single step (rather than multiple steps).

This is where Granatum fits in. Granatum focuses on customizing the Debian ISO file to pack with the packages, configurations, and etc into 1 single customized Debian ISO installer. The user only needs to install the Debian OS once and get to work straight away.

Price: Free Forever

Godocgen is FREE (as in freedom and free beer) forever licensed under commercial friendly Apache 2.0 open source license.

ZORALab ourselves are using it extensively to ensure backward compatibility and scalable maintainability. Please enjoy!

Download Location

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