About Integra Program

Thanks for your interest purchasing Integra Program. However, this product is no longer available and was superseded by our newer service product: ZORALab's Salut.


Why Change?

Mainly for responding to our customers' constructive feedbacks and to meet post Covid19 pandemic recovering economy. Among notable values and changes are:

  1. You can now order parts of both former Programs' services to fits your business needs at transaction level.

  2. Some overlapping services with Shepherd Program can be unilaterally managed under a single services product.

  3. No more subscription-based pricing model so only buy what you need.

  4. Order and customize your service needs, down to each transaction at affordable prices.

  5. Ability to improve, upgrades, or create new service product swiftly, accurately, and flexible from us to you.

Given the fact that the changes are not backward-compatible AND a bunch of other problems related to human-interaction services to solve, the best choice is to transform the existing service products into 1 whole new product.

What Happened to Existing Customers?

We will reach you out and migrate your existing system to match ZORALab's Salut model. Don't worry, the migration is free of charge.

So What's Next?

If you're looking for the services offered by Integra Program in the past, please visit: