Integra Program

ZORALab Integra Program — Get your modern IT infrastructure setup via various powerful integration with our continuously improved configuration knowledge and modern cloud services globally. ZORALab is ready to serve through our knowledge for your enterprise.

Choosing Our Integration Program

Here are some of the reasons for you too integration methods to build your IT infrastructures and why choose ZORALab to integrate technologies for you:

Why Integra Integration - Faster Turnaround

Faster Turnaround

Integration enables you to have quality services faster than setting up hardware. With correct parameters, ZORALab usually enables your tech within 1-3 days.

Why Integra Integration - Less Infra Nightmare

Less Infra Nightmare

Integration eliminates infra maintenance nightmare by contracting to a specific tech service provider. ZORALab understands the pains and making sure it will not hurt you.

Why Integra Integration - Modular Solution

Modular Solution

Modular integrations allow you to easily switch, update, and dispose specific technologies. ZORALab makes sure all the configurations are correctly and securely done to maintain modularity.

Why Integra Integration - Tested Configurations

Tested Configurations

We all know that a tested solution always yields consistent stable results. ZORALab ensures our integrations methods are continuously improved, tested, and technically evaluated before offering to customers.

Why Integra Integration - Complying Industrial Practices

Industrial Practices

Complying to industrial practices grows trust for our customers to their stakeholders. ZORALab cross-checks our practices with the industrial practices from time to time to ensure compliances.

Why Integra Integration - Budget Optimized

Budget Optimized

We understand your small and medium businesses are often limited by budgets. ZORALab modular-based pricing strucutre should be a win-win for both of us.

Why Integra Integration - Minimum Complexity

Minimum Complexity

Sometimes, managing technologies is complicated and cumbersome. ZORALab takes extre steps to ensure the integrated technologies' complexity is at minimal.

Why Integra Integration - Remote Work Ready

Remote Work Ready

In digital world, accessing technologies remotely anywhere anytime is available to overcome physical limitation. ZORALab ensures the integrated technologies is ready for remote work.

Our Portfolios

Want to see some live results? We have our past implementations in live demo or actual customers who allows us to link their site with us!

Integra Portfolio - Elfreshco


Elfreshco is our ZORALab Integra FIRST customer. They got transformed from a strictly conventional brick-and-mortar fruit juice cottage into a digital e-store under 3 days deadline!

Integra Portfolio - JerukJar


JerukJar is a lady-led startup team focusing on developing delicious fruit and vegetable pickles. The team approached us to integrate full cloud enterprise solution.

Integra Portfolio - Shorai Technologies

Shorai Technologies

Shorai Technologies was built to demonstrate the Integra capability of using Google Sites for building a professional business website serverlessly. The approach uses existing technolgical integrations and friendly to non-technical creators.

Integra Portfolio - Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio is built to demonstrate the Integra capability to enable an e-studio without hosting a server. The prototype was successfully implemented within 2 days!

Terms and Conditions

Please read through and agree to the Integra Terms and Conditions and our General Terms and Conditions available at:

General Terms and Conditions Integra Program Terms and Conditions

Available Integration Service Modules

There are so many permutations and combinations to integrate into an networked infrastructure. Here are our available and tested integration recipes for your business IT infrastructure needs:

Integra Module - Cloud Office

Cloud Office

To support remote work with office infrastructure like remote storage and identity management. Team can connect to the office system anytime, anywhere in the world securely.

Integra Module - Domain Setup

Domain Setup

Purchasing and setting up industrial practice configurations for your domain (e.g. that identifies your affiliation across the Internet.

Integra Module - Website Listing

Website Listing

Profressional website setup with easy to manage user interface, search engine compliances (e.g. SEO) content write-up to present yourself across Internet.


Interested with one or more of our integration modules? Feel free to contact us at:

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