Cloud Office Module (Integra Program)

Integra Program Service Product

'Cloud Office' service module is part of ZORALab Integra Program focusing on delivering cloud storage and office documents processing software for the entire organization. The storage can be accessed locally and remotely, enabling one to work without limiting to a physical location.

What You Get

An integrated office storage and processing services from many of our tested and trusted vendors. You will get:

Remote Accesssible Storage

At the very core of the module, you will get enterprise-grade data storage facility at your disposal. The storage is remotely accessible using known secured practices like:

  1. Zero Trust approach (default).
  2. Isolated 2-Factor Authentication Available Identity and Access Management.

Restricted Storage Access Protocols

Due to the rise of ransomware, ZORALab restricts a lot existing syncing protocols such as (sshfs, ftp, and sftp) to prevent these malware exploiting network-wide unauthorized encryption, especially when remote access is allowed at anywhere, anytime.

ZORALab seeks controllable and safe protocols such as seamless easy to use cloud application upload and download interface to minimize potential network threat surfaces.

Flexible For Various Office Use Cases

As different businesses use different software, this module will setup the storage flexible for various office use cases. One good case study would be different companies use different office tools as follows:

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Libre Office
  3. Google Workspace

Regardless of what tools you use, the remote storage should be able to handle the files across every member in the company seamlessly and easily.

Data Migration Included

ZORALab does not stop at setting up the storage system; we include data migration tasks into this service module for a seamless enterprise-level transformation experience. Hence, when we release the delivery outcome to you, you can continue operating your business and focusing on learning the transformed technological experience.


To purchase this service module, you need to have the following facility done up and ready:

1) Domain Setup Completed

It is vital to own a domain setup as the remote storage needs to be hosted under it. This is required as remote access needs a trusted domain name to host itself for every member in the company to access across the Internet.

If you haven’t own a domain name, we have Domain Setup Service Module ready for you.

2) Owning a Mobile Phone

Some of our selected vendors require mobile phone number verifications and sometimes, requiring you to setup 2nd-factor authentication during the registrations. This is required for securing and safely authenticating your root administrative account.

A company phone line is preferred but not a strict requirement.

3) Owned a Debit/Credit Card

Since this is a cloud solution, our vendors will usually charge against a debit or credit card. Hence, you’re required to own a debit/credit card to setup the vendor’s billing account.

A company debit or credit card is preferred but not a strict requirement.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are available at the main page of the Integra Program:

Terms and Condition Section


For Cloud Office Service Module, we are currently charging at:

Work Type Malaysia International
Setup + first 10 Hours Migration MYR 2500.00 USD 600.00
Subsequent Migration per Hour Rate MYR 250.00 USD 60.00


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