Website Listing Module (Integra Program)

Integra Program Service Product

'Website Listing' service module is part of ZORALab Integra Program focusing on setting up your website listed in the search engines and other channels for your customer to find you. ZORALab ensures the technologies is at low hosting cost and matching the latest Internet Web standards.

What You Get

An integrated website listing from many of our tested and trusted vendor, you will get:

Mobile First Search Engine Friendly Listing Website

A company website hosted under www subdomain with priority to:

  1. Mobile first design - since everyone is on mobile devices and rarely on computer desktop.
  2. Search engine friendly - ensures your listing website is search engine friendly for anyone to locate your website via known search engines.

Functional and Working

Rather than opting for latest and advanced technologies usage and yielded a buggy and sometimes broken website, ZORALab ensures the developed listing website is functionally working using simple and stable technologies.

Also, ZORALab interviews you based on your tech talent availability and the requirement of content self-management. If the resources are scarce, ZORALab then ensures the design are more towards timeless and auto-pilot manner.

Serverless and Hosting Free Whenever Possible

We understand that listing website today can be hosted using serverless solution that, in some circumstances, free from continuous hosting charges. Hence, depending on technological requirements, we usually design the website towards this serverless hosting free-of-charge direction whenever possible.

Self-Service Content Management

Depending on requirement, ZORALab may select technology based on your available or purchased infrastructure to construct a self-service capable content management listing website. This allows non-technical members to easily build the website contents without needing to code or to contact ZORALab for content construction.

Our Portfolios

Want to see some live results? We have our past implementations in live demo or actual customers who allows us to link their site with us!

Integra Portfolio - Elfreshco


Elfreshco is our ZORALab Integra FIRST customer. They got transformed from a strictly conventional brick-and-mortar fruit juice cottage into a digital e-store under 3 days deadline!

Integra Portfolio - JerukJar


JerukJar is a lady-led startup team focusing on developing delicious fruit and vegetable pickles. The team approached us to integrate full cloud enterprise solution.

Integra Portfolio - Shorai Technologies

Shorai Technologies

Shorai Technologies was built to demonstrate the Integra capability of using Google Sites for building a professional business website serverlessly. The approach uses existing technolgical integrations and friendly to non-technical creators.

Integra Portfolio - Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio is built to demonstrate the Integra capability to enable an e-studio without hosting a server. The prototype was successfully implemented within 2 days!


To purchase this service module, you need to have the following facility done up and ready:

1) Domain Setup Completed

It is vital to own a domain setup as the listing website needs to be hosted under it. This is required as remote access needs a trusted domain name to host itself for every member in the company to access across the Internet.

If you haven’t own a domain name, we have Domain Setup Service Module ready for you.

2) Your Content Materials Are Readily Available

Your content materials (e.g. pictures, graphic files, videos) are readily available in terms of the master editing files, samples, legal release forms, and etc. for web content construction. If these media files are not available, ZORALab may engage 3rd-party media entities (e.g. photography studio) or uses one of our in-house media tools to create the necessary materials depending on:

  1. Complexity of the materials (3D, 4k definition imagery, etc.).
  2. Distance from ZORALab service area.
  3. Your available budget.

3) Owning a Mobile Phone

Some of our selected vendors require mobile phone number verifications and sometimes, requiring you to setup 2nd-factor authentication during the registrations. This is required for securing and safely authenticating your root administrative account.

A dedicated company phone line is required to park this ultra-powerful DNS service.

4) Owned a Debit/Credit Card (OPTIONAL)

Since this is a cloud solution, our vendors may charge against a debit or credit card should you purchase their premium services. Hence, in those situations, you’re required to own a debit/credit card to setup the vendor’s billing account if you’re into those situation. This is optional as the baseline services are usually free and suffice for small and medium businesses operations.

A company debit or credit card is preferred but not a strict requirement.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are available at the main page of the Integra Program:

Terms and Condition Section


For Cloud Office Service Module, we are currently charging at:

Work Type Malaysia International
Setup and 1 Language Contents MYR 3100.00 USD 800.00
Additional per language Contents Contact Us Contact Us


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