ZORALab's Salut

ZORALab's Salut

ZORALab's Salut — A wide range of enterprise IT services product for small and medium businesses (SMEs). Via ZORALab's cumulative knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, this services product is perfect for established Malaysian SMEs.

Product Designed with Good Intentions

As we progresses into year 2022 trying to recover from the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of customers provided many great feedbacks regarding our former ZORALab's Integra Program and ZORALab's Shepherd Program. Among them we implemented were:

They did certainly challenged us to come out with new business ideas to keep the services flexible, cheaper, and easier for our customers.

Notable Values (or Changes)

We revisited both of our Integra Program and Shepherd Program to analyze their pros and cons. Ultimately, we need to create a new product line for the new solutions. Among the notable values (or changes for existing customers) are:

  1. You can now order parts of both former Programs' services to fits your business needs at transaction level.

  2. Shepherd Program's customers no longer placed under subscription plans. Instead, we will issue new purchases as we continue to serve those periodic services.

  3. Order and customize your service needs, down to each transaction at affordable prices.

  4. Ability to improve, upgrades, or create new service product swiftly, accurately, and flexible from us to you.

Available Service Domains

Here are the service domains we are currently offering:

ZORALab's Salut - Managing DNS System

Domain Name

Managing your domain name (e.g. zoralab.com) in a secured, undistrupted, and stable way ensuring your business identity remains with high integrity.

ZORALab's Salut - Managing Email System

Email System

Manage your email system starting with setting up from scratch, configure system in a stable manner, account management, data archives, and filter development.

ZORALab's Salut - Managing Endpoint Devices

Endpoint Devices

Handles your enterprise endpoint devices (e.g. computer, mobile device, laptop, compute modules, workstation, and etc) with pinpoint accuracy.

ZORALab's Sharepoint - Managing Data Sharepoint

(Data) Sharepoint

Managing your data sharepoint system for work collaborations between each firm members in-office, remotely, or working from home.

ZORALab's Salut - Managing Web Presence

Web Presences

Managing your web presences like website, social network profile, messaging channels, email mailing list, and etc: all communications across the Internet.


Interested with one or more of our technological services? Please feel free to visit our ZORALab's Salut service catalog at: