Shepherd Program

Shepherd Program

Shepherd Program — A ZORALab ad-hoc tech support service product designed solely for your technological maintenance, requests, and preventive measures needs. That way, we free you up so that you can work something more profitable.

Choosing Our Shepherd Program

Here are some of the reasons for you to choose Shepherd Program over the conventional tech support services and why choosing ZORALab would be a good choice:

Why Shepherd Program - SMB Friendly

SMB Friendly

Designed for small and medium businesses (SMB) where hiring a full time tech department is expensive. ZORALab ensures you pay only for what you use.

Why Shepherd Program - Optimized Rate

Optimized Rate

To ensure you’re constantly rewarded for the more you use, we optimized the payment rate into tier based rate where the more you use, the lower the rate. ZORALab ensures you always get rewarded with the more hours you use.

Why Shepherd Program - Customizable Tasks

Customizable Tasks

To ensure you have sufficient flexibility for task assignment, the Program allows various task requests as long as it’s applicable. ZORALab ensures you will have flexibility for assigning maintenance tasks.

Why Shepherd Program - Off-Work Hours Available

Off-Work Hours

Depending on the task nature, we can operate during off-work hours to avoid collusion and downtime during your office hours. ZORALab ensures the task are best executed at an appropriate timeline.

Only Available at our discretion.

Our Technological Coverages

Here are among all the technologies we are experienced in for maintenance tasks:

Shepherd Program Coverage - Cloudflare
Shepherd Program Coverage - Debian
Shepherd Program Coverage - GitLab
Shepherd Program Coverage - Go
Shepherd Program Coverage - Google Cloud Platform
Shepherd Program Coverage - Google Firebase
Shepherd Program Coverage - Google Workspace
Shepherd Program Coverage - HUGO
Shepherd Program Coverage - LibreOffice
Shepherd Program Coverage - MariaDB
Shepherd Program Coverage - Namecheap
Shepherd Program Coverage - PostgreSQL
Shepherd Program Coverage - Windows
Shepherd Program Coverage - ZOHO
Shepherd Program Coverage - ZORALab Bissetii

Terms and Conditions

Please read through and agree to the Shepherd Program Terms and Conditions and our General Terms and Conditions available at:

General Terms and Conditions Shepherd Program Terms and Conditions


Shepherd Program uses tier-based pricing rate to calculate your support needs. This provides flexibility for you to perform ad-hocs tasks and to keep the monthly stand-by fees as low as possible when unused.


Also, the selected rate applies to all the used hours, not by unit tiers. Hence, the more you use, the lower the rate you will get and the more discounts you gain back. The pricing tiers always start from Tier 1 and are automatically upgraded depending on total used hours.

The total hours are calcuated using the following formula:

GrossTotal  = (Completed Hours) x (Number of Agents) x (Number of Instances)
Total Hours = RoundUpToHour(GrossTotal)

Example: 2 agents, both spin total of 3 instances to complete 10min work each in parallel (total 20min completion hours):

Total Hours = RoundUpToHour( (20min / 60min) x 2 x 3 )
            = RoundUpToHour(2.000)
            = 2 hours

Pricing Rate

Here is the Shepherd Program pricing to date:

Amount RM 320.00 RM 590.00 RM 1170.00 RM 72.00
Min Hours per Month 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours per hour

Requesting Task Execution

To ensure our communications and tracking documented, we recommends you raise a task request document (be it email and etc.) to ZORALab for all your tasks.

The template is an example of the required information for the notice. You are allowed to freely design your own (e.g. under company’s letter head) as long as the information within are available.

Here is an example of the task request:

Task Request Template


Interested with one or more of our integration modules? Feel free to:

Email Us at [email protected]