Configure Social Channel

Configure ONE (1) set of settings into ONE (1) social media network ecosystem.

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Configure Social Channel

What's For?

Here are the reasons for you to purchase this particular product:

  • You want to setup your social media network system properly before passing to admins.

  • You bumped into social media network system problem and your admins cannot solve it.

  • You have a new marketing campaign and you need us to configure for you.


The output you'll get from this product:

  1. refine and deploy your given settings into your selected social network

  2. 1 detailed report about the operation configuration.

  3. Within 1-7 days subjected to the ecosystem's complexities.


  1. You have a channel established and secured under your control.

  2. Ensure we have a proper identity management access to your social network.

  3. Readily having 1 admin associate for interfacing and decision making.

This product is subjected to the following terms and conditions:

Category: web presence

SKU: zoralab-salut-web-social-channel-configure

MYR 130.00



All the common questions asked by our clients:

NO LIMITATION FOR ONE (1) EXECUTION. Note that the more configurations you provided, the longer the time needed for testing and verification.

NO - We DO NOT warrant the completion within the cut-off duration.

DEPENDS ON THE CAUSE - We WILL CHARGE for: (1) your firm internal matters causing the delay; OR (2) Your associate being un-cooperative and delayed the execution at his/her discretion; OR (3) your related service providers are causing unscheduled outage impeding the executions; OR (4) You or your associate consistently instructing us to use complicated, time consuming, and unmaintainable methods, processes, or technologies. We WILL NOT CHARGE for: (1) global events like Warfare or Covid19 Lockdown; OR (2) natural events on either side like earthquake or volcano; OR (3) ZORALab members being recalled for handling emergency cases.

3 WAYS: (1) COMPLETE REMOTE - outputs and communications are immediate; OR (2) CONTROLLED REMOTE - the hybrid method of remote and physical presence; OR (3) PHYSICAL PRESENCE - physically appear in premise. Please take note that physical presences and controlled remote for this task are subjected to extra logistic charges per agent AND force manjure.

A SINGLE ONE-WAY/TWO-WAY COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACE BETWEEN PUBLIC AND YOUR ENTITY. Example: (1) Instagram + Facebook + Whatsapp: under the Meta Business umbrella is 1 channel, 3 channels otherwise; (2) Telegram is 1 channel; (3) Tiktok is 1 channel, and etc.

YES. We do troubleshooting and testing with the goal to roll out your settings.

DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH SERVICE PROVIDER. There is no guarentee that your network is recoverable depending on the severity of your violation.

NO BY DEFAULT AND YES WHEN PRESENTED WITH COURT ORDER. We're not in a business to support illegal activities from the get-go.

NO: EXCLUDE. Nearly all service providers want direct payment connection with their clients. For security reason, ZORALab will not and shall not act as a 3rd-party intermediary for this particular matter.

YES. Mainly we want effective communications and decision making. Some tasks (e.g. delete data or account) can't be done without yours or your associate's decision.

YES. Staying compatible with us means whenever there is a firefighting situation, we can immediately react to secure your system.

BY ANALYZING ZORALAB's BUSINESS MODEL: TRUST IN EARNED MODEL. We never outsource our products and services to any 3rd-party entity; we must prioritize business trust in order to serve and to secure your business from IT division.


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Configure Social Channel

MYR 130.00

Category: web presence

SKU: zoralab-salut-web-social-channel-configure

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